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Xingtai - Implementing normalized production limits for the steel industry

- May 07, 2018 -

Xingtai - Implementing normalized production limits for the steel industry

Recently, Xingtai City formulated a work plan for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in 2018, and proposed air quality improvement targets and key tasks for this year. Among them, the concentration of PM2.5 in the urban area of Xingtai City will decrease by 8% from the end of this year to 74 micrograms or less.

This year, Xingtai City's atmospheric governance will focus on seven aspects: resolutely adjusting the industrial structure, deeply adjusting the energy structure, optimizing the transportation structure, implementing industrial enterprise in-depth governance, coordinating non-point source pollution, strengthening emergency response, and strictly implementing shift peak production. 

Xingtai City will continue to crack down on the issue of “rebuilding the siege city” and vigorously promote the rectification of key industries such as steel, coking, glass, and thermal power, and divide the production of normalized production in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Among them, Xingtai Iron and Steel, blast furnaces that do not meet industrial policies in the spring and summer are not allowed to produce, and the coking process and sintering process are limited to more than 50%; in autumn and winter, the production of blast furnaces is limited to 50%. Delong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has restricted production of more than 15% in spring and summer, and has produced more than 50% in autumn and winter. In spring and summer, China Coal Xuyang No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 coke ovens and Jianou Coking No. 1 and No. 2 coke ovens stopped production; in autumn and winter, the coking time was extended on the basis of spring and summer production. Glass companies that have not obtained a permit for discharge of pollutants will not be allowed to produce, and the production enterprises will limit their annual production by more than 15% and reduce their glass production capacity by 2.5 million weight boxes.

At the same time, Xingtai City's urban large-scale outer ring to achieve the season of coal mining "clear." Accelerate the construction of the Xingtai passenger terminal, the Xingxi passenger terminal and the relocation of the central bus station so as to create a traffic environment where the fuel vehicles do not enter the market and the public transport seamlessly connects. Before the end of October, all tasks of “disposal”, suppression, relocation, and relocation of enterprises were completed, and 35 tons of coal-fired boilers and below were “cleared”. 35 Coal-fired boilers with a steam pressure of over a ton have been upgraded and upgraded. Coal-fired boilers exceeding 65 tons of steam have achieved ultra-low emissions, and new industrial coal-fired boilers are strictly prohibited.