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Zhanjiang Steel achieved profit of 2.31 billion yuan last year

- Apr 17, 2018 -

  Zhanjiang Steel achieved profit of 2.31 billion yuan last year

Recently, the reporter learned from Zhanjiang Iron and Steel that the company achieved an annual profit of RMB 2.31 billion in 2017. In the first quarter of this year, Zhanjiang’s iron and steel production and operation was fully satisfactory.

2017 is the first year of production and operation of Zhanjiang Steel. The company always adheres to the principle of “simple, efficient, and low cost”, takes advantage of the situation, and takes the initiative to achieve the “four goals” of achieving production, reaching standards, achieving efficiency, and achieving consumption. It has created the fastest record for domestic large-scale steel mills from the production to the annual “Sida”.

As China's economic development enters a new stage, the steel industry will also develop from high-speed development to high-quality development. Zhanjiang Steel will continue to adhere to the goal of becoming the world's most efficient green carbon steel production base this year, taking the path of smart manufacturing and green development; at the same time, Accelerate the construction of demonstration operation areas, adhere to the “high standards, high quality” to create demonstration operation areas and improve the management efficiency of the operation area. In the first quarter of 2018, Zhanjiang's iron and steel production and operation were all in good condition, and blast furnace production, continuous casting production, hot rolling volume, and heavy plate rolling volume all exceeded planned levels. Production of cold-rolled units was stable, and the monthly cumulative production target was completed.

The reporter also learned that in March of this year, the construction of C-type ore stockyards for the raw materials of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Base, the 100,000 tons/year carbon black project of the chemical production project and the 100,000 tons/year improvement asphalt project were started one after another. Among them, the completion of the construction of the C-type ore stockyard with the addition of raw materials can achieve 100% straight-through rate of the external wheels of the No. 2 blast furnace system, and change the status of the imported ore to the Zhanjiang Port. The advantages of the deep-water ports will be further developed and the raw materials can be reduced. Into the factory logistics costs and material loss rate, enhance cost competitiveness. The carbon black project and the modified asphalt project of the chemical production project are an important part of Baosteel Chemical's active response to China's Baowu's strategy of promoting a “one-basic and five-yuan” strategy. It will broaden the product types of Baohua Zhanjiang to meet the market's diversification of products for deep processing of tar. Needs to be improved, but also improved the industrial chain of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, and increased the added value of coking products.