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2018, What Is The Outlook For Steel Exports

- Apr 09, 2018 -

  Trade protection upgrades,  What is the outlook for steel exports?

Recently, the warming of protectionism has cast a shadow over the prospects for steel exports. “Because domestic and foreign steel prices are upside down, the current willingness of steel companies to export is not strong. In recent years, China’s steel exports to the United States have accounted for a small proportion of total steel exports in China. We are more concerned about current trade frictions. The United States has provoked a chain reaction after the incident and an indirect impact on steel exports.” At the 16th International Symposium on Steel Markets and Trade recently held, several steel company representatives and traders told China Metallurgical News and China. Steel News Network reporter, "With the global economy as a whole, we expect that in 2018, steel demand will still have room for growth, and China's steel exports will remain stable."

Paul Butterworth, Director of Steel Raw Materials and Cost Research at CRU, pointed out that the strong performance of the global steel market in recent years has fundamentally originated from China's supply-side structural reforms and benefits from a sound global economic environment. He predicted that the overall improvement of China and the global economy will keep steel prices at a high level, and the profit margin of the steel industry will increase. In the future, the capacity utilization rate of Chinese steel mills will stabilize at 85% to 90%, and the steel companies will be more adaptable to the production and operation at this level. The price of raw materials such as iron ore, coking coal and coke will decline, and the premium spread for high-grade iron ore will gradually shrink, but it will still be higher than historical levels.