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Domestic Steel E-commerce Enters A New Stage Of Development Of “service Win”

- Dec 12, 2017 -

   Domestic steel e-commerce enters a new stage of development of “service win”

          According to the latest development report of China's steel e-commerce, the basic competitive landscape of the domestic steel e-commerce industry is: steel and silver e-commerce, smelters, smelters and other mainstream companies have their own strengths, while other small and medium-sized regional and professional platforms Develop together. Some platform companies have successfully listed in the new third board and other capital markets, indicating that investors have more recognition for the development space of steel e-commerce. The steel trading volume achieved on the steel e-commerce platform has also continued to increase. Last year, the total volume of transactions increased by more than 21% year-on-year, and reached 51% in the first half of this year.


         Researchers believe that the steel industry has taken the lead in the e-commerce development of commodity “industry Internet+”, which is quite outstanding in terms of industry scale, transaction activity, and new business maturity. Especially in the past two years, the “leading phalanx” of the steel and electricity e-commerce industry has been formed, and it has successfully emerged from the initial stage of “staking a ride and blossoming everywhere.” After trying a series of different trading methods such as merging, self-operating, and consignment, it is currently The mainstream business model has entered the new stage of “platform + industrial chain service”.


         Researchers say that the logic of e-commerce operations is not much different from the logic of general trade. The fundamental question is why people are "putting goods on your platform and selling them and getting what they can't get anywhere else." At present, domestic mainstream steel e-commerce providers provide their own answers to this fundamental issue. In general, under the premise of stable "flow" on the platform, the focus will be on the services of the industrial chain. The future competition will be the competition of service capabilities.