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Iron and steel industry must take the road of quality and efficiency

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Iron and steel industry must take the road of quality and efficiency

    “The Chinese economy has entered a new era of high quality development. The steel industry must elevate the road of quality and increase efficiency. After 30 years of hard work, it is now more developed than ever before.” Liu Zhenjiang said, “In 2018 The situation will be different from the previous two years. Smooth operation is the basis and important prerequisite for doing all the work and dealing with all challenges.” Liu Zhenjiang further pointed out: “Strict operation must grasp three main points. First, it is to control production capacity and output. It is necessary to keep a two-pronged approach, the second is to stabilize the steel market, and the third is to improve the market environment for imported iron ore


    The transformation of China's iron and steel industry into high-quality development needs to shift from quantity chasing to quality chasing, from scale expansion to structural upgrading, from factor-driven to innovation-driven." Zheng Weihua said, "I think we can focus on three aspects. It is to promote high-quality development with advances in process technology; second is to force industrial structure upgrades; and third is to lead high-quality development with standards."

    Li Xinchuang believes that the path that China's steel innovation drives to achieve high quality development is: innovation of ideas, recognition of industry development trends and requirements, from low-level repeated construction to high-quality development, from homogenous competition to differential collaborative development; Environmental protection and safety without benefit to green development, safety production, etc.

    Liu Hao believes that steel companies should focus on the following aspects: First, they must work hard to consolidate their production results; Second, they must continue to promote de-leveraging; Third, the steel industry must achieve high-quality development; Fourth, they should firmly grasp the "One Belt and One Road." “Building opportunities for development, exploring ways and means to “go global”; Fifth, we must promote green manufacturing in an all-round way and promote mature and reliable energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and equipment in the steel industry.

    Zhao Changwen said that the industrial revolution has driven modern economic growth. To realize the Chinese dream of a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China must deeply participate in and even lead a new round of industrial revolution. China has the economic and industrial base needed for deep participation in the new round of industrial revolution, but it also needs to create an external environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship and maintaining vertical liquidity. If the growth rate is around 6%, it is expected that by 2030, China's total economic output is expected to catch up with the United States.